Debt Collection made

easy with CredResolve

Now, with solutions for last mile recovery

Enhance the efficiency of the digital, calling and field collection channels with advanced AI systems

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One Stop solution for debt collections - 100% compliant!

AI driven Connectivity Confidence Score and borrower segmentation

AI systems score the borrowers basis the propensity to remain connected and pay. Also, auto-identifies the channel for communication and segments the borrowers for improved connectivity and collections


Legal Notices and Litigation handling

Send legal notices digitally and solve litigations online - improving efficiency and reducing costs!

Automated digital campaigns and payments

Easy to build custom workflows for digital communication campaigns as per your specific requirements with custom payment links


Field Collection App

Multi-lingual App with day planner basis location proximity of borrowers, daily activity tracking and multi mode payment collection(Cash, cheque, QR code, etc).

If you are struggling to repay debt or want to manage it efficiently, then you are at the right place.

Debt repayment is no longer a nightmare

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